The Easiest Way To Fix How To Record TV Screen On PC

Here are some easy steps to help you solve the PC TV screen recording issue.

In the information age, there is little time left to watch your favorite TV show in front of the TV. What we need most now is the ability to record TV shows and watch them all whenever we want. A laptop is the best device for recording TV as a connection to a computer due to its adaptability and portability.

So the question arises: how to monitor a laptop with a TV? This tutorial will probably show you how to use a laptop to record personal TV screen for free with the best TV panel recorder. There are several solutions, and you will probably choose the right one depending on the operating system of your PC.

How To Record A TV Screen Using A Laptop Linked To Windows 10/8/7

How can I record TV on my PC?

Use a personal PC with Plex Media Server software to watch and record TV shows on your PC. You need a Plex Pass subscription and a fully connected TV tuner to stream live to your PC. The Plex Pass subscription is affordable and can be purchased on a monthly, yearly, or inventory basis.

Microsoft has removed Windows Media Center from Windows 10. Windows 10 users do not have a convenient built-in documentation tool for recording TV shows. Therefore, in order to successfully record TV screen on a laptop, especially with Windows 10, you need a good third-party screen recording tool such as EaseUS RecExperts for Windows. Complete

This computer screen recording system literally records everything that happens on your PC screen. With it, you can view ultra-high full screen on Windows 10, record system and microphone audio, and record webcams with just one click.

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Before you can start recording on the LCD TV screen, you need to connect your laptop to the TV. Follow the tips below to learn how to record TV shows on PC using HDMI.

Step 1. Connect an external TV tuner to each computer by plugging the tuner’s USB cable into a free USB port on the PC.

Step 2. Connect the cable from the voucher source to the external TV tuner.

Step 3: Program the available channels to the tuner by pressing the “Auto Tuning” or “Scan” button on the receivere to find the device.

Step 4: Download and install the screen recorder on your computer. In the following guide, we will take RecExperts easyus as an example. You can simply click the button below to download the product.

Guide To Record TV Screen On Windows 10 PC

In order to give you an idea of ​​how to record TV screen with all these multifunctional recording tools, we provide you with a detailed guide. Now complete all the steps.

Step 1: Launch EaseUS RecExperts. There are two different versions for screen recording, namely “Full Screen” and additionally “Region”. If you select “Full Screen”, clients will capture the entire screen.

Step 2. When you select the “Region” option, all these programs will ask you to set the recording area. Make sure whatever you want to capture is within the selection box.

Step 3. Click the button below on the main interface, and you will see a variety of solutions to choose from. This VCR supports microphone and system audio separately or simultaneously. Now you can adjust the volume and micbackground using the Options button.

Step 4. To record from the webcam at the same time, click the Webcam icon below associated with the interface. Click the button to enable webcam recording, and a drop-down menu will usually appear to select a recording device. Click “OK” to confirm your preferred settings.

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Step 5. When you return to the main interface, click the new “REC” button to start recording. The floating toolbar offers you buttons to pause or stop the recording while the recording is in progress. Also, the DSLR icon can be used to view screenshots, and the timer icon will most likely help turn it off automatically.

how to record your tv screen with a pc

Step 6. The recorded video clips are electronically transferred to your computer. When the backup player opens, you will see a set of tools that allow you to trim recordings, extract audio, and optionally add a “Closing” intro title and “tokens” to your backups. /p>

How To Let Them Record TV On A Laptop In Vista/XP

Yes And if you’re using a laptop on a Windows system other than Windows 10, you don’t even need to install third-party apps. Because your current computer may have Windows Media Center installed, only a TV tuner is required to capture the prefix that you record.

External TV tuners are also available with USB connections. So there is no need to open a computer tower or laptop to install special boards.

Getting Started With Windows Center Support

To check if you have the Windows Center advertiser on your computer, click the “Type right here to search” button in the bottom left corner, and then type “Windows Center media” in the search box. When computer software comes out, you can use who’s to record your TV screen. Otherwise, you will need to download Microsoft APP Stow and install it on your new device.

Follow this guide and this one and you will really be able to record TV freely.

how to record your tv screen with a pc

Step 1. Connect your external TV receiver to your PC by plugging the tuner’s USB cable into a free USB port on your PC.

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Step 2: Connect cable to outdoor TV set ru as a signal source.

Step 3. Program the channels available in the tuner by clicking the “Auto Tuning” or “Scan” button.

Step 6: Open the appropriate video recording software on your computer, in this case Windows Media Center.

Step 6. Tune the tuner to your dream recording channel using the control buttons on the new tuner or the remote control that is usually included with most metered TV tuners.


Step 6. On the video recording system, click the “Record” button to start recording the show. Click “Stop” if you want to stop recording.

Step 7. Click the appropriate “File” tab, then click the “Save” button to save the show to your new computer.

Alternative Laptop Screen Recorder

People with different needs always need additional features. Therefore, we also offer other screen recorders to you so that customers can record their TV screen on a reliable laptop. You can also improve your good shots by adding effects or removing blurs.skinny parts.

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